September 4, 2015


1. I've never been a cat person.  But I appreciate at good cat video/funny pic.  Maybe Taylor has influenced me.

2. I learned how to checkout Kindle books through the local library.
Current Reads:
-Ina Garten cookbook - Learning about dinner party (community group dinner) planning.  (apparently planning ahead is the key.)
-To Kill a Mockingbird -- because I have no recollection of reading this classic at JHS and I need to know about what's up with Boo Radley and Scout and Atticus and Jem.

3. I learned that I need to find some form of enjoyable exercise before I turn 30.  Because, health and fitness and lifestyle modifications. 

4. I continue to learn about all the fun guests that are joining T. Swift on the 1989 tour, like Avril and Justin to name a few.  If no extra superstars, at least we got the cool bracelets at our show.

5. I'm learning that joy is deeply connected to abiding in Christ.

6.  My new motto is less hustling, more abiding. 

7. I recently started listening to Serial.  And I've learned that Sarah Koenig could probably read the dictionary and make it sound exciting.  I don't know how it's going to end, but I have a feeling that someone should call Olivia Pope.

8. I felt like Emily P. Freeman was looking into my life when I read this in her new lovely book "Simply Tuesday" ---
" I don't want to live my life in such a hurry that I'm always closing the fridge door with my foot and scribbling out birthday cards in my car at the last minute.  I want to make bread, or at least find the time to toast it."
9. I finally finished Mockingjay and I how it all ends for my friend Katniss.  I have no idea how I've made it this long without hearing a spoiler.

10. I learned how to calculate and prepare 400 servings of green beans.  Looking back, I appreciate all those $1 BCM college lunches more than ever.

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