August 8, 2015


happy august weekend!
this was my lovely view last weekend in Mississippi with the Grundys.
here are a few of my favorite recent inspiring and/or just for fun reads for the weekend:

Why it's Worth it to Fight for Rest by the Nester / Because the Nester is one of my favorite inspirations for cozy spaces and she writes really honest and wonderful posts like this one!

Toddler Gets Morris Bart, Personal Injury Attorney Themed Birthday Party by Ryan Broderick for Buzzfeed / Because my friend Jess basically sparked this little chain of internet sensation greatness.

How I Keep Track of What I'm Learning by Emily Freeman / Because this post caused me to try bullet journaling and take note of what I'm learning.

3 Secrets to Overcoming Your Greatest Fears about Writing by Margaret Feinberg / Because it exposed my fears of writing and why I often start to post and click "save as draft."

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