December 25, 2015


Ending Christmas Day 2015 with gratitude --- I'm so thankful for what God has done in my heart this Christmas to focus on progress not perfection, to slow down in the moments to savor family and friends and kindness, to recognize every good gift is from God, to stop the comparison of my present season to other seasons, Christmas in the past, or someone else's seemingly easy or perfect life.

I'm resting in what Jesus did and is actively doing in and around me (Jesus's birth and death and resurrection) because He is always more than enough.  

I'm recognizing every second is a chance for grace and peace to rule over our lives in Christ.
I am loved by Christ and He makes my burdens lighter and He gives me joy to keep pressing on. 

I'm celebrating Christmas 2015 for being imperfect and beautiful. And for being one of the most inspiring yet. 

Proof that when Jesus shows up in our stress and pain and fears, everything changes. 

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