April 8, 2015


I watched this video and was inspired by Joanna Gaines and her story.
I love hearing and sharing how others make Him known  
uniquely and creatively for His purposes and plans. 

I love that Joanna says the key is "not believing the lies and fixing our eyes on Jesus" which reminded me of these lines of prayer written by Jenn Sprinkle, on Comparison in "Thirty One Days of Prayer for the Dreamer + the Doer"
"Instill in me an unwavering confidence in my calling, gifts, and purpose to withstand the distraction of comparison from the enemy.  Where I have wished for someone else's story, gifts, or success, replace it with desire for the celebration of being a part of Your bigger plan and humbled at being use in even the smallest way."
"Dear Jesus, keep my eyes fixed on You and keep me running in the lane You have created just for me."
Let's fix our eyes on Jesus and we will find strength and confidence to accomplish whatever big or small things for His glory by His grace and truth. 


  1. Hey Hannah, I LOVE this video. I have watched it a borderline creepy number of times. But it's just so true.

    1. Maybe we can meet Joanna like that time we met Beth! :)


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