November 26, 2013


I agree with the t-shirt, I ♥ NY.  We visited NYC in October and
we both agree it was our favorite vacation together so far! 
I love experiencing new cities with my sweet hubs.

Hannah: food strategist/list maker/researcher/navigator/details, details, details/bakery finder

Brian: easy going/reminds me it's the experience not the list/
love of my life/body guard/dinosaur enthusiast
 Brunch, Broadway and Brooklyn and everything in between.

Brunch is my fav.
It's mostly experience/time of day/coffee and cute little ceramic creamers and partially
 french toast/pancakes/berries/bacon/biscuits/fried green tomatoes. 

Broadway every night at 8 PM.  The best way to end each day in the city!
And my favorite of our first three Broadway shows ever = Wicked.

Pizza and ice cream for the win!
Grimaldi's pizza at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and ice cream 
before heading back to Manhattan via ferry. 

I was happy to be a part of the Cronut line!
 Croissant/donut hybrid from Dominque Ansel's bakery in Soho.
Brian was sweet to let me chase one of my ridiculous awesome NYC ideas.

After our cronuts and coffee, we ended our trip with church at Hillsong NYC.  
So inspiring to gather with believers from all over NYC 
to worship and seek the Lord together. 

 Can't get over being in the skies and the beauty of God's creation.

We made it back in time to share our rations of Cronuts, pastries and stories.
And Evangeline was happy to see her B.

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