January 13, 2014

hello 2014!

New year, new projects, new adventures.
I'm starting this year with lots of fun projects and finishing up a few from 2013!
Here's a little summary in case you were wondering...

//Scripture Memory// This little notecard spiral is full of twenty-four verses near and dear to my heart from a year long of learning, writing, memorizing and sometimes lots of catching up!  Thankful for the challenge and friends to share in the process! The Word continues to grow more hope and more joy and more strength in my heart to face the day to day.

 //Chase study by Jennie Allen// This is one of my all time favorite Bible studies.  The short video talks from Jennie are inspiring, the study is simple and deep all at the same time.  I love how much it has challenged me to think through my daily walk with Christ.  And how the Lord's timing of the Word and the words of the study coincide with my life.  It's a beautiful thing to see things just a little more clearly and more confidently trust Him with more and everything.

//Project Life//  A way to document and scrapbook the everyday.  I printed out a bunch of pics and worked on our first few months in Baton Rouge.  Lots more to print to catch up to date, but love the simplicity of PL once you have all the pics ready to go.   

//One Little Word//  Joined this project for the second year.  Finishing up a few assignments from twenty-thirteen and excited for a new year and a new word.  Last year I chose GRACE.  This year my word is JOY. 

//Joy Dare//  Then I found the joy dare yesterday and thought it would be perfect for my word, JOY!  I printed all the cards and started writing down little bits of grace and gratitude each day. 

//P-Dub and cooking//  I got this little gem for Christmas, so I want to try new recipes because the P-Dub hasn't really let me down and I think I'll bake my third annual king cake soon!

//My quilt from last year//  I need to finish this quilt, (it just needs binding) because it's always nice to finish a project.

Do you have fun projects planned for 2014?

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