April 23, 2013


I love date nights with my hubs. 
Pasta, pizza, steaks, desserts, fajitas, burgers and fries.
< Confession: I ate a hot dog on date night a few weeks ago >
With that said, clearly our date nights don't have to be fancy, 
even though sometimes fancy is fun!
One-on-one time with my favorite person and best friend sharing a meal
discussing life, ministry, pop culture, sports trivia and funny moments. 
Our perfect recipe for date night.

Fireside Pies
Fresh and delicious hand-crafted pizza 
And the. best. brownie. dessert. ever.
Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Samples of crazy dark chocolate concoctions 
Even though I'm not a dark chocolate fan, it was fun to try new flavors.
And I appreciate the simple packaging, branding, and store design.
(sometimes we watch Celebrity Apprentice)

 Cattlemen's Steak House
This is Cowtown, people. Cows are king.
We ate steak in a wooden corral booth from the 1940s.
Hello, Fort Worth stockyards.
Charming tiny, old house with Italian dinners and desserts.
I really like dessert.  Tiramisu and cannoli? Yes, please and thank you.

Shinjuku Station
Former train station to Japanese fusion tapas.
I love to try a little bit of everything,
so tapas you are my friend.


  1. Haha! What an awesome culinary tour! And, yes, I believe that in a perfect Hannah-World, tapas would be offered everywhere!!! Looking forward to seeing what you will unearth in your new hometown!

    1. Thanks! Please ask Jessica about tapas! Haha! I'm pretty excited myself! :)


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