September 4, 2012


{Birthday Letters} Dear Jess+Joe and Brian, thanks for cupcakes and Chick-fil-a lemonade to kick off my birthday dinner in a most delicious and practical way!  Clearly a cupcake makes a fantastic app and zert (appetizer + dessert).  Dear hubs, thanks for the sweet birthday letter on my pillow that made me laugh and cry with thankfulness that I'm yours and there's no one else for me.  Also, thanks for inviting Katniss Everdeen to my birthday party.  Dear co-workers, I loved the cheesecake, presents, and Thai food.  You are cool, but probably don't read my blog---so I'll tell you when I'm back at work after my five day weekend.  Dear momma and daddy, thankful God allowed me to be your daughter.  I'm forever grateful because of adoption, grace and your love.
The adventurous foodie in me (that leads me to try honey roasted Brussel sprouts, seafood paella, and thinly sliced pears on pizza) decided Brownstone on West 7th should be the birthday dinner location.  It was a tough choice since other options included some of my favorite Fort Worth eateries: Fireside Pies, Joe T Garcia's and Pappadeaux's.  

Crawfish tails and crispy onions pulled at our Louisiana heart strings.Birthday dinner good times with some of the best people in the world. 


  1. You made me tear up and then laugh because you wrote a letter to you coworkers ;) and I like how you left out the more "unsavory" details of the night!

    I'm happy you were born!

    1. You know me, I read and reread and rewrote the "unsavory" details. At first it was basically a review of Brownstone, but since most readers don't really need the food critic in me to write all the details I edited out the part about seafoody seawater smelling pasta and baby portion of roasted chicken. Main idea: I really enjoyed my frands and my birthday and my hair and my haircut and my elephants...think Jessica's daily affirmations. Also hopefully Emily Loerke reads this and loves my letters and wants to be our friend like Katniss.

  2. Hannah, I do read your blog, maybe a month late but I do and enjoy them very much. You and your hubbie and friends have such good adventures! The cupcakes looked really good! Love ya, Sharron


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