September 10, 2012

Saturday Room Makeover

Please excuse  my dear aunt sally (math nerds, you'll remember)  the poor lighting/editing of these pics. I wanted to share the early stages in the life of my awesome new craft room.  Jess was such a great encourager and friend to help organize and de-junkify the wannabe dining room.  
The boys installed curtain rods for my super thrifty Ikea curtains.  These pictures don't really show all the junk...just believe me; there was much organizing, recycling, and giving stuff away.  
Tah-dah!  A perfect home for my new sewing machine, books, crafting supplies, functional dining room table, recycling bins, golf clubs/sports equipment and Brian's school stuff. 
Last Saturday we ended our day of friend time/operation organization with dinner with our guys, LSU game and quilting Vanny's mini quilt! 

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