August 28, 2012

Nesting in Evangeline's Room

A while back, I snapped a few detail pics in Vanny's room. 
I'm eagerly anticipating visits with my new bestie, Evangeline.
Jess is crafting, sewing and preparing a wonderful little "nest" for baby Evangeline Handy!
We both agree that it's much more fun to craft for somebody...namely Vanny! 
Yesterday, I purchased a sewing machine for my birthday!  Jess helped me unpack and gave me the abridged version of how-to-sew-for-the first-time-since-making-heart-shaped-pillows-in-jr high so I could start sewing right away, instead of  reading every word of the instruction booklet for 3 hours before ever turning on the machine educating myself via the Brother Sewing Machine Instruction Manual.  For such times, I'm thankful to have an experienced sewing machine operator as a friend.  What does a beginner pick for their first project, you ask? A cozy quilt for Evangeline!
Dear Jess, thanks for arranging, encouraging, pinning, baking cookies, staying up too late, ironing seams, providing band-aids and talking me down from advanced quilts on my first attempt so we have a chance to finish this century. Dear 7x7 block quilt, we're dominating you! 
Craft Project Links: house pillowfox pillowombre vases


  1. Love this so much! I really wish we were all neighbors, but at least I can share the fun via super-informative blog posts! Love you little nesters!

    1. Glad to report and blog such informative posts for you, Honey! I'll have to start two blogs when Vanny comes along if Jess doesn't kick off a baby blog! hehe. Love you too!

  2. i bought a sewing machine about six months my Maw Maw to show me how to use it....and haven't used it since! haha! but really wanting to...just intimidating that machine!

    1. Christin, just go grab some fabric and sew your little heart out! My sewing machine's arrows and numbers at least give me a little hint here and there. Definitely needed a guide aka Jess for sure! Bet your maw-maw would love a gift crafted on your sewing machine for Christmas!


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