April 17, 2012

Frolic: Saturday in Dallas

Meet Jess: My bestie from college and fellow Texas dweller.  

Our word for adventuring in college became known as frolicking.  For example, our current DFW frolics include: window shopping, shopping shopping, finding cupcakes that can live up to Curl's Cupcakes, purchasing stationary and school supplies (even when we aren't in school), planning parties, finding treasures, going on adventures to the city, finding the perfect gift, exploring local shops, and having the occasional creative post-work dinner/chat over Chick-fil-a nuggets and Panda Express fried rice (well just once).

After a Saturday brunch with friends:
(mostly inspired by Best of Dallas @ Today's Letters):
Lula B.'s East: funky treasures and vintage goodies
We Are 1976: prints, paper goods, gifts
The Pearl Cup: Pearl Cup Latte, please!
Milk & Honey: Clothing & accessories (local shop like Anthropologie)
The Velvet Taco: Take home tacos for our hubbies

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