November 21, 2011

Mrs. Sarabeth Johnson Price

Meet Mrs. Sarabeth Price.  She's beautiful, funny, smart, caring, sassy, sweet, energetic and a true southern belle that loves the Lord, family, friends and things that sparkle!  I met SBJ during a lovely summer microbiology class during my first year of college at ULM.  I can vaguely remember that she had cute shoes and a monogrammed LL Bean backpack! (So I remember random details)  My pink ("my colors are blush and bashful") loving friend, SBJ has been such a true friend through the good and bad, an awesome maid of honor, and hilarious sharer of random banter and humor.  She's the morning person I can only hope to be and has serious vocal cords --- both in volume and voice. (Nashville if you are reading, this girl needs a record deal!) Here are pics from the wedding wkd when SBJ became SJP!

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