November 28, 2011

MondaySunday Recap: Parable of the Ten Minas

Parable of the Ten Minas
Luke 19:11-26

My husband Brian continued the Storytellers series with the parable of the ten minas (also known as the parable of the ten talents).  In this parable, Jesus talked about a king that gave ten minas (about 3 months wages) to ten servants.  While he was away, the servants were instructed to use their mina to make a profit.  When the king returned, the first servant had earned 10x more, the second servant earned 5x more, and the other one earned nothing b/c he hid his mina in a handkerchief.

Brian explained that this parable from Jesus teaches that as believers and followers of Christ that we have been given time, talents, and treasures (resources) to invest in God's kingdom for His glory.  As we are called to invest our lives and everything God has given us, we are investing in something that will not fade or decay.

I always like how he gives us practical ways to carry this out --- like how to invest our time by spending time with things eternal:

1. God (prayer)
2. God's Word
3. God's People

I love how he closed with an encouraging and challenging message to be a good investor of everything that comes from God.   It was especially hopeful to hear that it's not too late to start today.  Even if you've spent your last week, month, or years without investing your lives for something greater (God's Kingdom) --- if you still have a breath ---- you can make a difference.  God can still use you.

You can watch this week's sermon online at or click here.

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