November 15, 2011

Give Thanks.

I've been doing a little late night painting...I have one more little canvas that I'm working on for a wedding gift that I'll share later!  Jess Handy gave me these little canvases in August and I'm just now getting to use them!  'Give Thanks' was inspired by the artful prints and paper at Rifle Paper Co.


In musical news to my ears, Kerri shared a link for Comfort & Joy by Folk Angel.  It's on sale today!  It features Lauren Chandler (pastor's wife at The Village Church), Jeff & Jourdan Johnson (Jeff Johnson led worship at North Monroe D-Now and Cross Camp a few years ago), Robbie Seay Band, Shane & Shane, and more.  It's such a fun and beautiful collection of Christmas tunes!  I love folk + fun + creativity!

Holly Furtick, pastor's wife at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC shared this reading plan called Thankful Thirty. The reading plan takes you through the books of Psalm and Proverbs over the next 30 days.  In this season of thankfulness, Brian and I decided to start yesterday.  It's not too late, just click on the link and get started!  With my A-type personality tendencies, I had to overlook that yesterday was in fact not 11-11-11 and we shifted the reading plan forward a few days.
Click to download!
In our Sunday night D-Group (Discipleship) we picked a verse to memorize and i gave out little spiral notecards to write down the verse and commit to memorize it. (aka hide that word in our hearts!) we decided to try to memorize two scriptures a month (in true beth moore style) on the first and fifteenth of the month. 
i picked this one after reading today:
''I lie down and sleep; I wake up again, because the Lord sustains me. I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side" Psalm 3:5-6

i know that the Lord sustains me and gives me rest to make it the next day, month, year. unlike david, i do not literally have an army or tens of thousands chasing after me for my life, but i know there is opposition, mean people, and laziness in every direction trying to sneak up and make me ineffective for the Kingdom and steal my joy in Christ.  i can trust in the Lord to sustain me, protect me, and fight for me.  

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