March 17, 2015


I love snacks. This is an understatement.  It's a problem of sorts, especially if the kind of snacks an event provides = my main decision maker for attending say a NBA (Pel's) game or the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre production of the Nutcracker: A Tale from the Bayou.  Ok, well maybe it's actually a great thing, because as we all know, quick decisions are my specialty.  For the record, I went to the ballet with my friends and they served Nathan's Famous hot dogs and chips and coke for intermission and on this particular night even allowed us to bring it into the theatre.  It was quite a sophisticated Southern Christmas event.

Among other goals for 2015 I have resolved to learn more about prayer and be a better pray-er.  I'm reading and challenging myself to read books on prayer, stay in the Word, and actually pray more! 

Who's a better teacher on prayer than Jesus?  Clearly the disciples understood this and asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  (Luke 11:1-13).  Jesus teaches them with examples and parables and truth statements.  Love this!

I really loved his parable about two friends (one who's asleep and tucked in with his family and apparently has access to at least three loaves of bread, snacks and whatever one might need for a guest) and (the other friend with none of these things and the audacity to come over at midnight and knock on his pal's door and ask for help --- oh because he has another friend that came on a journey for a seemingly unexpected visit)--- Ok you got it?

Jesus uses the midnight bread guy asking for help as an example of prayer.  

Here's some thoughts:
-See your need 
-Ask God for what you need (He knows us best, He knows our needs, and He will give us what we need to accomplish His purposes)
-Ask with boldness and specifics (three loaves) "yet because of the man's boldness, he will get up and give him as much as he needs"

Maybe the snacks we need at midnight look more like... 
...courage to do what He's called us to do
...healing from broken relationships 
...a deeper love for His word and prayer
...a community of Jesus followers to love and walk through life together
...a heart to really forgive to go on a mission trip in the midst of chaos being a better friend with figuring out what we need to be pure and true
...being more in love instead of annoyed with people around you  

He delights to give us what we need --- it's like He would come to the door at midnight and give us snacks!

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