October 7, 2014


In college one of my favorite life lessons of all time:
"You'll make time for the things that are most important to you."  -T. Strain
I like to think that during those years I tried my best to prioritize things that were most important... for my sanity (so as not to be consumed with pharmacy school), as a growing believer to pursue Christ and in learning to be an overall better steward of my time.

Fast forward years later and this principle still holds true. I never regret making time for the most important things. Don't hear me saying that I have a perfect plan, but I try to use this resource of time that God's given me with wisdom and care.  I jot down a few notes and sometimes a detailed plan for the week  (Thanks for the encouragement from Brian, he is ridiculously good at this.) 

my most importants look something like this:
time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer
my husband, Brian (making the most of our time)
church (Progression BR) growing with other believers
family and friends and building/tending relationships

My priorities overflow from time spent with the Lord gaining a better perspective of the things that are eternal and things that are just here and now.  By his grace I continue to learn to be more focused on the eternal and less on the meaningless.

Life is fleeting and I don't want to waste this one little life.

day 6: priorities

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