October 9, 2014


A few thoughts about thriving in friendship:

Ask God for wisdom.
Be thankful.
Pursue friends that challenge you in different ways and inspire you with fresh perspectives.
Crave friendships that are authentic, caring, encouraging, enjoyable, and vulnerable.
Be willing to be that friend.
Some friends are furrier than others.
maintain and thrive:
Give more than you expect in return.
Be there.
Call, text, leave voice mails, write notes.
Celebrate small and big victories together.
Bear burdens (show up in the hardest times)
Pray for one another.
Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.
Sometimes friendships are draining.  But the best ones give back life despite the work.   

Friendships don't grow like Chia pets...most take time. 
Get past the awkward.  

You shouldn't need a full time job dedicated to difficult friendship maintenance.
Sometimes you have to respectfully move on with grace
Everyone doesn't have to fit in the category of best friend forever.  And that's okay.
But keep loving with REAL love and pursue peace.

day 7: friendship
from thrive. a 31 days series.

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