June 25, 2012

MondaySunday Recap: Identity Crisis

My husband, Brian, continued teaching from Colossians in the series, Identity Crisis.  Brian has been reminding us that the most important and the truest thing about us is what God says about us.  We can find our identity in Christ and walk in that identity.  

His first point from Colossians 1:13 was that - We have been rescued from darkness.  Brian described the darkness and hopelessness of a life and eternity in darkness.  I will never have to know what life is like without knowing Christ.  I sometimes think about what and where my life would be without Him.   Since I have been rescued, I can live out my purpose to bring glory to God with my life.  I no longer have to live in fear of the future or search for the meaning of life.

The second point: We have been relocated from darkness to the kingdom of light.  Brian described it with basketball teams and jerseys.  I got traded/relocated/transferred from the worst team to the best team. Thankfully it does not depend on my talents, works, or goodness.  Jesus did all the work.  I was an enemy of God and now He considers me friend, daughter, and forever family.

And the final point was both a truth and challenge: We are the LIGHT of the world. Brian challenged us to to be a BRIGHT light to reflect our Savior to the world around us.  Cue the kids song, This Little Light of Mine, it's definitely easier said than done.  It doesn't take very long to see the world is dark and desperate for hope.  We know Hope if we have faith in Jesus.  This sermon encouraged me to put it into perspective that since Christ did ALL that for me, I can joyfully strive to be LIGHT for Him.

Check out the sermon online here.

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