May 22, 2012


On our drive back along the coast from Big Sur, we turned down a long and winding one lane road through the deep, dark woods and arrived at Pfeiffer Beach to catch the sunset.

The marine cloud made everything mysterious and beautiful.  

Crashing waves.

Long jump challenge.
I made a much smaller jump across the freezing water at a much more narrow spot.

Brian climbed some rocks.

For a moment I was sure the smoke monster from LOST might come say hello, 
if the smoke monster could be friendly and actually existed.

Since the road to Pfeiffer Beach is unmarked on the highway was like we had discovered one of Big Sur's best kept secrets.

On my list of must-see was the purple sand beach I read about (It's purple because of amethyst),
but I forgot to write down where to find this particular beach or it's official name.

When we first walked down the beach, I didn't notice anything different about the sand.  
Later Brian noticed the purple-y goodness and I was one happy girl! It's the little things.  

I so enjoyed this particular little adventure with the hubs!
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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  2. oh myyyyy goodness! i can't believe your pictures! first of all, I'm SO jealous y'all got to go to big sur, we were unable to make it because of a landslide or whatever, but the purple sand beach?!?! how cool is that?!!?!

    1. So cool!! A landslide...pshh...I think y'all could've managed to make it through anything. I was going to be pretty disappointed if I missed the purple sand and it was right under my feet!


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