May 19, 2012


Last week, Brian and I went on an anniversary getaway/vacation/post-spring semester trip to the beautiful California coast!    

Our trip went something like this:
Texas to Louisiana (family time) to Dallas [via car] 
Dallas to Phoenix --- then CALIFORNIA [via crazy plane]
San Jose to Santa Cruz to Monterey/Pacific Grove/Carmel to Big Sur [via sweet rental]
We did some last minute planning that led to an adventure all over the wild and wonderful coastlines of Cali on scenic Pacific Coast Highway 1. 

God makes beautiful things. He is an awesome Creator. He is a creative Creator. 

So very thankful for a wonderful trip with my awesome hubs!

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  1. Gorgeous!!! And I see you found Pfeiffer Beach! Yay! Worth the crazy, one-lane drive, right? Love and miss you already!


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