February 20, 2012

MondaySunday Recap: Thrive

Brian continued the second week of the series THRIVE by looking at the church in Acts 2 that thrived through knowing and sharing the gospel.  Click here to check out the recap from week one.

Our big thought this week: {A church that thrives, KNOWS and SHARES the GOOD NEWS}

Brian shared four thoughts from the early church in Acts 2:21-36. 
1.       The GOOD NEWS is for EVERYONE. (Acts 2:21)
2.       We are the reason HE died. (Acts 2:22-23)
3.       HE isn’t dead; HE is ALIVE. (Acts 2:24)
4.       God has made Jesus both LORD and SAVIOR (Acts 2:36)

I especially liked when he described that the GOOD NEWS is for EVERYONE.  He shared a funny story about when you board a plane, they usually call to board the platinum members, gold members, etc. and then everybody else (aka coach, cheapest seats).   It's like a class system of travelers.  He shared that God doesn't have a class system.  Either ---- we are sinners that need saving or sinners who have experienced the GRACE of God.  The hope we find in Jesus is for EVERYONE – not just for the platinum club members, the ones that have it all together, talk eloquently, do a lot of good things, know a lot of church stuff – but it’s for the weak, the desperate, the broken, the ones that are trying, and the ones that don't quite have their life in order.

Brian brought out a bicycle for a newspaper boy illustration.  He threw out some newspapers with the plain and clear words that JESUS SAVES.   He did this simple illustration to visually remind us that "The local church is God's chosen vehicle to share the good news to the world" --- no one is going to do our job for us.
Due to technical difficulty, this week's message is unavailable but we should be up and running again next week!  You can watch last week's sermon online at www.fbckopperl.org or click here

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