February 14, 2012

MondaySunday Recap: Thrive

Brian kicked off a new series, THRIVE.  Over the next few weeks we will look at the early church in Acts.   The early church didn't just survive...they knew what it meant to thrive. They shared their lives, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and experienced God in incredible ways!

Brian reminded us that we have received the Holy Spirit when we invite Christ into our lives.  And when we accept Christ into our lives, we receive the same power from the Holy Spirit that was with the early believers that lived and died to accomplish God's work and bring Him glory in the early church.

Brian shared a few characteristics of the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit:
1. Illuminates God's Word to teach us: Helps us to understand what we read in God's Word and process what we learn when we hear the Word taught, or during praise and worship through song
2. Convicts and guides us: Helps us decipher when we sin and motivates us to change, He guides us through the decisions and actions of everyday life
3. Helps us to pray: Even when we don't know how or what to pray about, Romans 8:26-27 (Powerful stuff!)

I especially liked the practical points that Brian shared about how to hear from God.
1. Ask God to speak to you (through His Word and prayer)
2. Consistently confess sin and turn away from sin
3. Consistently spend time with God, in God's Word, with God's people
4. Create a margin of time in your schedule (It's hard to hear from God when your running in every direction)

When I have been thinking and reading God's Word this week, I have especially taken note of any mention of the Holy Spirit.  I am thankful that the Holy Spirit dwells in me.  I need all the help I can get to love God more and love people more.  I need the Holy Spirit to help me to pray when I don't know how to pray.  I need the Holy Spirit to remind me that in all situations (especially dark times) that there is hope.  I need the Holy Spirit to give me joy and peace that passes all understanding.  I need the Holy Spirit to remind me and convict me when I'm being stubborn or dumb.  I need the Holy Spirit to help me forgive.  I need the comfort of the Holy Spirit in all my days.

This Sunday I listened to the sermon on my drive home from work.  
You can watch this week's sermon online at www.fbckopperl.org or click here.

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