October 11, 2011

Happy Fall Yall!

this fall i am enjoying football games (LSU & Saints), fall weather, gumbo, the return of fall wardrobe (boots, scarves, cardigans) and currently i'd like to splurge and purchase this at williams-sonoma

serendipity's frozen hot chocolate mix:
(hot chocolate sounds good to me even if it's frozen, right?)

now for a little fall wreath recap-
Fall 2010
i found my fall wreath from last year (picked up at the grocery store). i liked it's simplicity but the "berries" fell on the floor, children may/may not have confused them with candy, and the screen door squished the poor thing.  so it was definitely time for an upgrade!

on pinterest, i found an inspiration wreath.

here's the final product -
Fall 2011
here's how i made it -

recycled grapevine wreath
1/2 yrd of burlap 
jute twine
floral wire
wooden letter "C" (painted it copper color)
silk poppy flowers (removed the stems)
faux feathers
red berry stems

i cut the burlap into strips and made folds back and forth.  then i stitched through the folds with a piece of jute string, using the ends of the string to tie to the wreath. the key is to make sure the burlap is just the right width (too wide it will look messy, too narrow it won't cover the grapevine).  i worked in sections adding the burlap and i got better as i was finishing up the wreath. oh well. then i fluffed (technical term) the burlap to cover the wreath.  
i left a little spot to attach the flowers with floral wire, then attached the initial.


also want to share some fall wreaths made by my crafty friends...

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  1. LOVE the wreath! If you and Jess ever open an Etsy shop, I will be your best customer! Love you! Happy Fall!


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