July 17, 2017


Dear Jamesy,

I love your little squishy thighs and kissable cheeks.You love to wiggle, clap, roar, laugh, and play. Today you were pushing your toy car around the room, laughing when I pushed you in an empty shipping box, rearranging the DVDs, eating carrots, green beans, and chicken for lunch.  Holding your sippy cup and managing to get most of your water and all your drool on your little bug shirt.  This week you have a new tooth for a grand total of two little teeth. You admired the rain on the driveway and pushed your tricycle through the kitchen.  You followed me from room to room and stood at the back door to watch Gus outside. You fell asleep on my shoulder and I smelled your sweet scent of baby goodness and kissed you on the cheek for the hundredth time today.  You wiggled around and snuggled into a nap in your crib.  I hope you are having sweet dreams.

Thanks for teaching me what it means to savor and measure my days.
I'm so grateful to be your mama.

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