October 4, 2014


Oh, Pinterest.... with your great ideas and checklists and fashion advice and hair tutorials and paint samples and how to pack a lunchbox and how to make a honeycomb shaped shelf.  well let's just say it's a good thing Pinterest didn't exist in 2010 when I got married. Because y'all, the calligraphy everything and diy crafts and perfect polish for your wedding day...I'd be all about it! 

Sometimes life doesn't exactly look like Pinterest.  I mean who wants to pin pics of unsorted laundry, dirty dishes, a wilted plant, non-matching monogram-less pillowcases, or an unorganized pantry.  And a party without a clear theme and personalized favors...don't even...Pinterest will not approve.

The birthday party earlier tonight (which was obviously very Pinterest worthy!) for my baby bestie hosted by our friends Jess & Joe reminded me that behind all the crafts and sparkles and sweet treats are two real people that love a precious birthday girl named Evangeline (and sweet baby Abram) and love the guests they invited to the party.  I know Jess...and arts and crafts are an expression of her creativity and craftiness.  It's not meant to show off or make much of her diy skills (quilts, clothing, bunting, baby food, etc.) to the most of us just looking at Pinterest boards trying to fold laundry and get it into the cabinet in the same day.

Loving people well is the real pin-able plan to create spaces that aren't pretentious or stuffy.  Fall weather.  Kids talking about Power Rangers.  Boys competing in backyard games.  Girls talking about fall fashion.  And people that really care about you when they ask "how have you been doing?" It's like nights when your friends come over for make shift dinner and sit and watch tv shows on the couch.  Moments that don't require Pinterest perfect fall mantle ideas for everyone to feel at home in your space.  Moments of loving people well and caring for one another in the everyday.  


day 4 when life's not Pinterest perfect, creating cozy spaces without all the pretense
from thrive. a 31 days series.


  1. Hey! I can't seem to comment from my phone, but thanks for sharing these beautiful, inspiring posts! (I'll even enjoy them if my family isn't featured!) Love you, beautiful Hannie!

  2. Couldn't have said it better!
    Erin Forsse


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