May 7, 2014

Veggie Garden

Here's one thing that's been a surprisingly fun treat for spring...the official Crain family veggie garden!  In mid-March, we decided to see if one of us had a green thumb or two.  Using my official veggie garden research (Pinterest, blogs and my daddy's expertise), one fine Wednesday morning we picked up all the supplies and made it happen! 

Brian is sure sweet and encouraging to help me chase after the small and big ideas...even if it requires dirt, digging, spontaneous trips to Home Depot, Louisiana Nursery, and Clegg's Nursery for supplies and a recent after 9:00 pm trip to Lowe's for the perfect trellis for the cucumbers to climb.  Because apparently cucumbers need to be trained early.  If you know Brian, an after 9:00 pm trip to anywhere is pure love and devotion. 

^^^After our first 4x4 raised bed garden was up and growing and actually surviving and thriving, (surprisingly enough!), we decided we needed a little more space (plus I thought a cute stone pathway between the two would be cute and functional).   And we thought we might be good at this whole garden thing.

^^^This spaghetti jar of money happened to be ample enough to pay for another 4x4 and precious stone pathway....which is just a fun bonus fact! 

The tiny blooms and mini veggies are my favorite.  And eating those sugar snap peas.

And watering and checking and seeing growth.

I love slowing down to see all the little intricate details designed and sustained by our sure and true Creator.  


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  1. That is beautiful! I can't seem to convince my farmer of the merits of raised bed gardening! I need to bring him to see yours!


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