November 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all.

One day it was all summer time and sunshine, then the next day it was Thanksgiving? 
I guess fall sneaks up on you when most days in Texas feel like summer.  I wore a sweater at least three times when I thought to myself..."why I am I wearing a sweater, it's 75 degrees?" (One day I called it my back-to-school day sweater on a random work day in August)  Since we recently had legit sweater/cardigan cold weather, I think it's only appropriate to celebrate fall!

Here's to fall...
To visits with Vanny and Jess.
 And wearing a pink t-shirt with the letter "i" and calling it (Pink Eye) for my last minute fall festival costume...thank you pharmacy brain for making me a nerd. 
To "field trips" to the dead sea scrolls exhibit and learning a little Jerusalem history.
 To bursts of energy to work on a project or two.
 To progress on quilt #2 
And adding gold chevron to my bargain frame.
 To reminiscing in Monroe with my favorite guy.
 To celebrating the marriage of Vince and Casie with lots of old college friends.
And here's to pondering life questions on a road trip with the Hesters like: What meal would you eat if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life? 

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  1. Hannah this has to be one of my favorite post by you! I love that you find joy in the everyday life!
    Ha that road trip was the longest...I felt like we all needed 10 hours of sleep instead of driving but it never fails, hanging out with The Crain's leads to lots of laughs & memories!


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