June 18, 2012

[MondaySunday Recap] Identity Crisis

We continued our summer of Colossians with a series specifically called: Identity Crisis.  This was one of my favorite messages that my hubs preached!  It's normally my weekend to work, so I was extra thankful to be at church.  A lot of times we wrongly find our identity in what people may believe or say about us, but Brian reminded us as believers we can find our identity in what God says about us.
The most important and the most true thing about us is what God says about us.   
Colossians 1:12 says that we can be thankful that God the Father has qualified us to share in the inheritance of the saints in light.  We are qualified for salvation because of Jesus.

Brian specifically communicated that we can find our identity as a child of God.
We are sons and daughters adopted into God's family.  
I really enjoyed learning about Brian's research of adoption in Roman times.  (1) The adopted family chose the child (2) It was very costly and difficult to adopt (3) It was almost impossible to disown an adopted child.  What a beautiful picture that the audience of Paul's day might understand in such a way when he wrote about our adoption in Romans 8:14-16.

As God's children our inheritance is the kingdom of God, eternal life, the promises of God, the protection of God's promises.  Brian put the awesomeness of our inheritance as adopted children of God a little something like this...
Our inheritance in Christ makes a billion dollars or anything that the world offers look like getting a dirty sock for Christmas. (paraphrased)
Our acceptance into God's family is a story of adoption, grace, and true identity.

Check out the sermon online here.

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