June 2, 2012

Meet Jaden.

Meet Jaden.  

Jaden is eight years old.  She's scheduled for surgery on June 7th to remove a non-cancerous brain tumor (hypothalamic hamartoma) in Phoenix,  AZ.  

I just love this family.  They are an encouragement to my life! And they are a living example of trusting the Lord in difficult and uncertain times.  I'm praying that God continues to provide peace, strength, and comfort for this sweet family.  It has been awesome to see our community/church family find creative ways to show loving support through prayers, money jars, crafts, concerts, and Mexican dinners!  We made a paper chain countdown here.

Terri and I always seem to talk about worrying and trusting God.  Trusting God takes all the pressure off of us!  God is worthy and proven to be trustworthy.  He is in control...from plane flights, surgery, insurance companies, and calming our hearts!               

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