June 12, 2012


Since high school, I've wanted to visit Carmel/Monterey Bay, CA after seeing some super cute cottages.  I guess I put it away in the memory bank and remembered it when planning our last minute two year anniversary vacation.   

After doing my homework, I realized that Carmel was a good starting point for the famous Big Sur/Pacific Highway drive.  We drove south along the coast from Carmel to Big Sur. (And by we drove I mean, Brian drove and I navigated and took pics!)  
Amazing views in every direction.
Mountains and Valleys.
Rocks and waves.
Gorgeous coastal landscapes.
A waterfall at Julia Pfeiffer State Park that emptied into the ocean. 
Marine clouds and ocean spray!

Best afternoon drive ever.

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  1. have i ever mentioned how jealous i am of this coastal drive? thanks to some dang landslides we couldn't make as much of the highway 1 drive as i would have liked, but i will just live vicariously through your pics!


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