May 4, 2012

MondaySunday Recap: Real Questions

Week 2 

Brian continued the series "Real Questions" and taught us that the Bible teaches that we can know that we are really saved.  A lot of world religions leave you wondering at the end of your life.  But as followers of Christ...we can have hope in God's word. 

Why? How? What? (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Why: Our foundation is grace. Because of God's grace he saves us and adopts us into his family.
How: Through faith in the One, Jesus Christ, that can alone save us --- trusting in all He says He is
What: It looks like this...repent and believe...turn away from sin and turn to God through Jesus


In Christ our heart changes and we become more like Christ. We don't have to fix our lives or try to clean everything...we bring it all to Him.  We grow in the process of becoming more like Jesus...we inherit characteristics and a heart and desire to be more like our Father.  We are His children.

I love when Brian reminded us that...

'Everything we inherit from our Heavenly Father is good.' 

Brian did a great job communicating the simple and clear words of the Good News that we can know we are really saved.  This is still pretty amazing to think/hear about time and time again.  We are accepted and adopted by the Creator of the universe when we place our faith into His offer of salvation.  

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  1. Good stuff! I'm more and more convinced that this cannot be preached too often! We fall into doubt when we think our salvation depends on how good WE are, instead of how good GOD is and the finished work of Christ! Thanks for sharing! And happy anniversary!


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