December 18, 2011

Christmas Details

This year we are celebrating our second Christmas together {as a married couple}  We are looking forward to traveling to see family and friends in a few short days.  I think the Christmas decorations/lights make our house a little more cozy, guess I'll be one of those people holding out to take down all the decorations! 

Here's a little Christmas details tour:
(1) I mixed our Christmas pillows with the existing ones and Brian awesomely rearranged our living room to make preparation for the tree {and b/c i love rearranging} (2) Thanks Mrs. Wright for capturing a lovely 3rd grade Hannah in a yarn spun ornament - {this would've been a great pinterest project back in 1993} (3)Thankful that Jesus was born to be our Savior.(4) {Conversation} Hannah: Jess, I love this ornament on your tree! Jess: It's yours, you can have it! {thanks bestie!} (5) Cute foxes are my fav these days (6) Our scripture chalkboard with a great Christmas reminder that Jesus was born to be our Savior!

(7)Lovely Christmas glow (8) Cute little tree in our bedroom, I love it's understated charm.  Though I discovered that the pretty silver pot was conveniently sold separately...a little Pottery Barn over-priced surprise from last year's Christmas decor shopping spree(9) Chef Alli - with whisk and bowl in hand {Cody, thanks for passing the alligator ornament to the Louisiana girl} (10) We are Saints fans {bought this for Brian while at home for Thanksgiving} (11)Annual Hallmark ornament from sweet Maw-maw Crain! And today is Dec 18. (12) A sweet handmade ornament from the talented Jess Handy!

This is so easy I'm pretty sure this doesn't qualify as arts and crafts project.  Cute chalkboards are everywhere in stores and in mags and on the beloved pinterest.  I couldn't exactly find what I was looking for so I decided to buy a simple chalkboard at Hobby Lobby (about $8).  I painted the unfinished frame with pale blue craft paint.  Tah-dah - the perfect board for menus, fun messages, and scripture!

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  1. I've been trying to change up my chalkboard saying every few days during the holiday and I just completely copied the one you have in this blog post. Having a big family get together tomorrow and I love how pretty this looks on my kitchen wall. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!


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