September 27, 2011

a note to the reader.

Hi there friends!

After the encouragement from Brian, my awesome husband, I am going to blog a little about cooking, crafting, sermons, fashion, adventures and fun stories.  He should know since he shares in all the goodies I cook, stories I share (daily and detailed), adventures, and crafts (even snoozing when I'm up late with all the lights on).  I have lots of recipes to share and projects on the to-do list.  Hope you enjoy reading and sharing along with me!

looking forward to it all,
Hannah B. Crain

Brian & Hannah

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  1. This is exciting! I've completely neglected my poor, blog-with-identity-crisis...maybe you'll inspire me to revamp! I love the comfort food post - I got chicken n' dumplings at the Lunch Box in Gilbert yesterday and just said I want to learn to make them! (The one time I tried, it was chicken and dumpLING. One. One big, doughy dumpling. Sheesh!)


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