February 7, 2011

MondaySunday Recap: Fighting Words

Fighting Words Pt. 1 (Ephesians 6:10-13)

Yesterday, we kicked off a new series, "Fighting Words" In this series we will study how to fight for the life God has for us. We are called to be "strong IN the Lord" Brian reminded us that our strength comes from who we are connected to - not our own abilities/strength. We must recognize that there is an enemy that wants to destroy us, but we have access to ALL the weapons for victory IN Christ!

I liked the clever way that Brian put it, "We must choose to use God's armor." In this battle we daily face, we have to choose to trust in God's Word and His promises to give us everything we need. Brian said we are are faced with the choice to live good or great lives for Christ. I wrote down this statement he said "It's like we are standing in the shadow of God's intent for our life" I had to think about it later when I was reading my sermon notes, it really made me think/ponder/reflect on my heart and desires to live a life of greatness instead of settling for good enough.

And this made me think about my walk with the Lord. I have found that it is easier to choose to --- stand in the shadow of God's intent, live a defeated life, play it safe and be comfortable. But when I choose to fight for the life God has for me, it may be more difficult but He will provide me with everything I need. And the richness of God's blessing and joy in my life have come from the times I choose to stand strong in the Lord, trust in His great promises and dive into the unknown and adventure of following Him. When I strive for great instead of good. The Switchfoot song More Than Fine says it like this, "more than fine, more than bent on getting by, more than fine, more than just okay"

My husband's sermon reminded me that I'd rather fight for God's best in my life than settle for okay.

The whole day was great! We celebrated the baptism of five students, ate hotdogs for Superbowl Sunday dinner, participated in an afternoon youth vs adult football game, and hosted our D-Group friends for a Superbowl party.

(Fighting Words, Feb 6, 2011)

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  1. Mmmm-mmmm GOOD! Makes me want to FIGHT! Love this! And like the Valentine theme too! Looking forward to checking out your hubby's blog!


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